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管理您的钱,任何时间,白天或晚上与FCU Anywhere网上银行. Pay bills, check balances, transfer funds, and more!  

  • Check account balances
  • Link external accounts and transfer funds
  • 使用FCU的易于使用的在线账单支付快速安排账单支付 
  • Set budgeting and savings goals
  • 通过电子邮件、文本提醒和/或推送通知接收帐户更新
  • Access your statements online with eStatements
  • Reorder checks

Signing up is easy and secure:

  • 选择主页上的登录按钮,然后注册网上银行, or select the button below:

  • Accept the disclosure to begin registration
  • 您将需要您的会员号码和其他识别信息
  • Set up a username and password
  • Follow the prompts to complete registration

Tip!  If you have a joint account, each member can have their own login.

Take care of bills quickly and conveniently with Online Bill Pay. Send one-time payments, 安排自动循环支付和发送人对人支付与支付一乐鱼下载. Learn more about Online Bill Pay and Pay a Person.

Make payments to loans, transfer funds between your FCU accounts or to other FCU members, 甚至通过启用的账户向其他金融机构转账. Most transfers can be made in the Transfer widget.

How can I pay my FCU loan/credit card?

  • From an internal FCU account: Choose ‘Make a Transfer’ in the Transfers widget in FCU Anywhere.
  • From an external account: Make a payment using FCU’s SmartPay portal. There are two ways to access FCU SmartPay:
    • In FCU Anywhere, from the Transfers widget, select the Classic tab and choose Pay from Another Institution.
    • From www.www.can2lille.com, access the Make a Payment link at the top of the page.

Watch to learn more about Visa Payment options:


How can I pay my mortgage?

If you are paying from a FCU account, use the Transfers widget in FCU Anywhere and select your mortgage. Pay from a non-FCU account using the Mortgage Info widget. Visit the Payment Options tab and follow the prompts.

How can I make Person to Person payments?

在FCU Anywhere*使用手机号码或电子邮件地址向几乎任何人发送钱, located in the Bill Pay with Ebills widget.

*Online Banking and Bill Pay access required.

Watch to learn how to set up Pay a Person.

管理您的帐户与财务健康小部件,FCU Anywhere网上银行的一部分. The widget provides tools for saving and budgeting. Please note, 新的财务健康小部件正在取代以前的预算和储蓄目标小部件. 



How to Set Up a Budget

View our Budget Quick Start Guide (Online Banking) for details.


How to Edit Transaction Descriptions and Categories

To help you easily view and analyze your accounts, Financial Wellness Widget中的每个事务都包含一个事务描述,并分配一个类别. 事务描述提供了有关单个事务的详细信息, 而类别定义了发生的事务的类型.  

For example, 以下示例交易的交易说明为:支付给Clay Electric.  The transaction's category description is: Utilities.

Description and Category Sample

These labels are designed to help keep your money organized. To learn more about Transaction Descriptions and Categories:


How to Set Up a Savings Goal

在Financial Wellness小部件的savings Goal选项卡中,为你最想要的东西创建储蓄目标



To meet your goal, 你将需要基金你的储蓄帐户每月平均计算出的小工具.


View a demonstration of the Savings Goal tab below:

Never miss important updates like notifications for eStatements, cleared checks, deposits, withdrawals, and more. You can even get notified when your CDs are ready to mature.

How do I set up notifications/alerts in FCU Anywhere?
To receive or change notifications, update your account settings: 

  • 在台式机上,单击用户名右边的箭头. 
  • 在移动设备上,导航到More选项卡,然后选择小部件列表下面的Others.
  • Once in Settings, select Notifications. Then choose your preferences from the various alert categories.

How do I access eStatements in FCU Anywhere?

切换到无纸化,以在您的设备上安全地、方便地查看您的帐户摘要. Access your statements using the eDocs widget in FCU Anywhere.


乐鱼下载已经设计和安装了多层安全保护您的帐户信息, as well as your devices. 其中包括自动签名、加密、防火墙和密码锁定.

You can be assured of our site’s security by checking to see the “http:” in our URL; the “s” signifies a secure site. You can also check for the padlock on the Status Bar.

当你建立网上银行时,你会被要求输入一个临时的验证码. 一旦进入,您的帐户是保护与多因素身份验证.

Remember to log-off at the end of each Online Banking session. 乐鱼下载建议在您注销后清理您的缓存和历史文件.

Please read our security page for a more in-depth description of our security features.

Watch to learn more about protecting your accounts and identity:


I can't remember my password. What should I do?

如果您不知道您的密码,输入您的用户名,然后选择忘记密码? link. From there, follow the instructions provided. If you're locked out, please call toll free 1- during normal business hours or visit any Florida Credit Union branch for assistance.

How do I change my password in FCU Anywhere?

To change your password, you must first log in, then click the drop-down arrow next to your name in your account. 

在“设置”菜单中,选择“安全”选项卡,然后单击“密码”旁边的铅笔工具.  在“当前密码”字段中输入当前密码,在“新密码”和“确认密码”字段中输入新密码. Select Save Changes to finalize your changes.


Is my account information secure through Online Banking?

确保您的隐私、安全和乐鱼下载信息是重中之重. 公众不能透过乐鱼下载的网页伺服器查阅任何会员资料. FCU Anywhere Online Banking需要您正确的用户名和密码才能访问帐户信息.

Remember to log-off at the end of each Online Banking session. 乐鱼下载建议在您注销后清理您的缓存和历史文件.

For more information, please read our security page for a more in-depth description of our security features.

Can I bookmark online banking?

For security purposes, 乐鱼下载建议您收藏佛罗里达信用联盟的主页,而不是网上银行页面.


Login and Use

Can I customize my FCU Anywhere experience?

FCU Anywhere is highly customizable. 调整仪表板、部件和配置文件设置以创建个性化的银行外观. 

Learn more about customization:


Which web browsers support online banking?

The two most recent versions of these browsers are supported:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Chrome for Android
  • Mobile Safari for iOS

I am receiving an Incorrect or Invalid Login message. What can I do?

Many factors could be causing this. First, verify that your username is entered correctly.

Also, keep in mind your password is case-sensitive. 如果您输入的密码是小写的,请用大写再试一次,反之亦然.

If you have tried unsuccessfully more than three times, 有可能你的网上银行账户被锁定(这是乐鱼下载为防止欺诈而设计的众多安全功能之一). If you suspect this may have happened, 请立即通过电话1-800- 284-1144乐鱼下载或访问您的当地分公司.


在我使用网上银行一段时间后,我退出了. Why is this happening?

每个用户会话限制为20分钟,以防止未经授权的用户访问您的帐户. After 20 minutes, 网上银行通过注销你并返回登录屏幕来结束你的会话. 

Will I receive a receipt for my Online Banking transactions?

No. 但是,如果可以使用打印机,您可以打印自己的事务记录.

How much of my account history can I view in FCU Anywhere?

从2018年12月至今的账户历史可以从您的交易分类账中查看. For history prior to December 2018, please visit eDocs to review your account statements, which are available from account opening to present day.  

How can I print my account history?

Select the blue printer icon to print your account history.

What if I have other questions or problems?
Please contact us

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